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Dear Mother Launch Day: Feelings & Interviews

Dear Mother by Mark JamesIn January 2011, as I sat down in my little one bedroom flat above an estate agent in the small village of Tisbury, I started to type away at my computer trying to write a script that I thought would play for a single night in a one act play festival. My only dream at that point was to try not to embarrass myself by writing something boring or that people couldn’t understand.

Today, over three years later, I am now looking back at what those few words have achieved.

Dear Mother has gone to tour different theatres and festivals in the South and South West. It has been widely accepted by audiences and has gained a following that have gone back to see the play time and time again. It continues to be requested at various events and theatres. It has also received excellent reviews from directors, authors, actors and also military personnel. Today it has been published as a play script and is available from any bookshop across the world and within literally hours of the launch date, it has now sold out on Amazon.

Dear Mother still continues to grow even now and as we enter the anniversary of the Great War, it is showing signs that it will pick up even more pace.

I am quite honestly shocked at the response the play has had and at the same time, very proud too.

As I look back these recent months, I am completely thankful to a wonderful group of very talented people that have supported me in making Dear Mother become a truly remarkable project. There are too many people to mention individually but in its time, my play has relied on actors to bring the words to life, backstage crews who made what seemed to be a complex technical lighting and sound set up, look smooth and simple, musicians that have made the scenes flow with the playing of Suo Gân, the wonderful publishing team at Magic Oxygen who took on the task of copyrighting, licensing, editing and publishing the play and I can not forget the audiences and readers that have been to see Dear Mother or purchased the book.

Thank you to everyone.

Picture of Dear Mother First Print off Press and Original ManucriptI have a really bad habit of never throwing anything out when it comes to work that I have completed. However on this occasion it has worked well in my favour. On Thursday, I received the first print off the press of the new publication. So as a reminder of the journey so far, I have framed the original manuscript (including notes) along with the first book, which now sits proudly on the wall above my desk.

A few days ago, I had a delightful time being interviewed by the wonderful broadcaster and author Tracey West. Having known Tracey for a few years now from my time working with Facing Tides Theatre, it was a joy to be able to chat with her about the inspiration and background for Dear Mother and also a bit about my background too.

You can read Tracey’s interview on the Magic Oxygen Publishing website and you’ll also be able to purchase the performance script from their shop too.

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1 thoughts on “Dear Mother Launch Day: Feelings & Interviews

  1. Tracey West

    Hey Mark,

    It has been a joy watching Dear Mother come to life as a script with Magic Oxygen Publishing and I know your work is going to inspire players to put the performance on.

    At that stage, they’ll see your talented words leap off the page as they become animated and tissues will be required!

    Wishing Dear Mother every success although I’m sure it won’t need it!



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