March 19

A Taster of Dear Mother

There are now less than two weeks until the launch of the script for Dear Mother. With this in mind over the last few week I have been working alongside the original actors of Dear Mother to produce a short trailer and allow you to get a feel for this highly emotive one act play.


In this trailer you will hear the voices of Liz Coyle-Camp who played ‘Mother’, my son Ryan James who played ‘Jnr Thomas’ and myself playing ‘Snr Thomas.’

These actors played the roles through out our tour of festivals and theatres over a period of 2 years, and although I am now a bit to old to play Snr Thomas, I am looking forward to directing them again in future productions that we have already been booked for.

The music in the background is Suo Gân, a traditional Welsh lullaby, performed by the very talented musician Hannah Sandu. It has been a great privilege to be able to work with Hannah on this project, and a copy of her piece will be available to purchase from the Resource Page soon to use in your production.

You will also be able to read a few snippets of reviews given by people in the acting world and also the military world too.

I hope that you enjoy the trailer and don’t forget you are able to pre order you copy of Dear Mother now ready for release on 31st March 2014

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